In order to optimize your experiment time, we recommend you to go through the check lists from this Before your Arrival menu.

Feel free to print out the pdf version and check out the items one by one.

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  • Sample shipping

    Your samples must be confirmed in IPTS before shipping.

    Go to to get all the details about whenwherehow …. you can ship your samples.

  • Proposal confirmation

    To be completed by the Principal Investigator (PI) of the experiment at least 3 weeks before beam time.

    You can access your proposal using the IPTS page

    • Confirmed samples (adding any new samples, and including composition)?
    • Confirmed need for lab space?
    • Confirmed experiment team, that will be present at beam time (add any new members)?
    • Confirmed experiment equipment and/or sample environment?

  • Engineering & equipment safety

    To be completed by the Principal Investigator (PI) of the experiment

    •  Provided all safety documentation for user-provided equipment immediately?
    • Shipped/delivered all user-provided equipment at least 2 weeks prior to beam time for electrical and safety inspection?
    • Answered all safety-related questions through IPTS?
    • Ensured that sample environment requested equipment is available and compatible with experiment/beamline?
    • Written a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for hands-on work at HFIR?

  • Access

    This must be completed by all participants to the experiment before the first day of experiment.