Because of the large variety of sample environments used, we need to face a large variety of metadata file outputs. Those metadata files contain the sample environment data, such as the temperature of a furnace, the pressure of a cell, the voltage of a power supply, etc. This notebook will allow you to select this metadata and isolate the set of information you want to retrieve. A new ASCII file will then be created in a more common format that other notebooks will be able to use.

If your metadata file can not be parsed by this program, this means we need to write a new plugin for that particular file, please contact Jean Bilheux.

The metadata file currently supported by this application looks like this:

and will create the following type of output file


Select your IPTS

Need help using the IPTS selector?

Select the metadata file

Using the file selection tool, select your metadata file.

Select the information your want to keep

Use SHIFT or COMMAND + CLICK to select more than one metadata.

Select the output folder and filename

It is now time to export the new ASCII metadata file.

Define the output file name. The extension .txt will be automatically added if you don’t specify it. Then select the output folder.

The new comma-separated ASCII file will have the following columns

Index, timestamp (s), metadata you selected …