There are cases where you need to define the metadata value of a given image. This is challenging when the file recording the metadata has no correlation with the images taken. This notebook will allow you to calculate, according to the time stamp of the image file, the metadata value.

This notebook takes 2 text files as input:

Using those input files, the notebook will create a new text file of the file name and the corresponding metadata values you previously selected.


Select your IPTS

Need help using the IPTS selector?

Select the file name vs time stamp text file

Using the file selection tool, select your metadata file.

As specified in the notebook, this is the file you created using the notebook create_list_of_file_name_vs_time_stamp.ipynb

This file looks like this

Select the metadata vs time stamp text file

This file can be created

  • using the notebook metadata_ascii_parser when the metadata has not been saved inside the image file (ex: hardware used to apply, and record, metadata was not connected to our data acquisition system (DAS))


Need help figuring out the metadata stored in your image file? Check this tutorial on how to use ONCat

Select data to merge

You have now the option to select which of the metadata you want to keep and extrapolate for the given image files.

Use CTRL + Click to select more than one metadata.

Extrapolate and display results

Running this cell will give you a preview of the interpolation of the data. Original values of the metadata are displayed in green and extrapolated values are displayed in orange. The orange data will be the one exported in the final text file as those corresponding to the image file time stamps.

Output results

Using the folder selection tool, select the output folder.

Once you have selected this folder, the output ASCII file is automatically created and a message informs you of the name of the file as well as the location of this file.