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This site is designed to help you with the preparation of your experiment and subsequent data processing and analysis. If you are not familiar with neutron imaging and may be interested in collaborating with us, visit the publications page to review the science we do.

For industrial applications, please contact Hassina Bilheux , Yuxuan Zhang or James Torres.

We recommend that you discuss your experiment with the instrument team as soon as you receive approval of your beam time.

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We would like to thank the contribution from the research community to the implementation of this website, and always welcome your comments to improve it (contact Jean Bilheux).

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AI & neutrons +

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VENUS door test

First test of the 30tonnes VENUS door.

Last updated – 04/25/2024

  • iNEUIT tutorials
  • Updated auto-reconstruction tutorial (Imaging team only)
  • Updated VENUS publications
  • Added new SA to MARS team