This notebook combines together all the images selected using one of the algorithms provided.


Select your IPTS


Need help using the IPTS selector?

Select Images to merge

Using the file selection tool, select the images you want to combine.

Merging method

This is where you can define the algorithm to use to merge. You have the option to use:

  • simple sum of the images
  • arithmetic mean

  • geometry mean

  • median average of the images


Select output folder

Using the folder selection tool, select the folder where you want to create the new combine image.

In the next cell, you need to define the name to use for that new file. By default, the file name used is a combination of all the input files. You probably need to make it shorter

Default file name

New file name


Running this cell will merge the files selected and output it in the previously selected folder, using the file name defined in the previous cell.