This notebook simply reads the NeXus created by the NEXUS beamline and will display the counts vs TOF, lambda or Energy with the option to change the instrument settings.


Select your instrument and IPTS

Need help using the IPTS selector?

Define the settings of the instrument

Use the widget to define

  • the number of bins used in the histogram of the data
  • the distance of the monitor relative to the source (in m). You will need to unlock it if you really want to change it but the default value should be the correct one.
  • the monitor offset (in μS)

Select event NeXus

Select the monitor data you want to load and the program will automatically display

  • the total counts per bin vs time-of-flight (μs)
  • the total counts per bin vs lambda (Å)
  • the total counts per bin vs energy (eV)

General infos

The data retrieved from the NeXus and used are called event_time_offset.

The formulas used in the various conversions are

  • for TOF to lambda

Wavelength (Å) = [0.3954 / distance_source_monitor(cm)] * (TOF (μs) + detector_offset(μs))

  • lambda to energy

Energy = 81.787 / (wavelength(Å)2)